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Gissit :- English slang - "Give us it" or "Give it to me"

Who Are We?

Gissit is something old but something new. Gissit is a way for you to find whatever you are looking for. Whatever you might think you need, Gissit will allow you to find someone to help you. Whether you are looking to buy something or someone to do some work for you you will find it here.

What Makes Us Different?

Gissit is a little different, we respect your privacy. We make a special point about not storing any personal data on our users. You control what you share and with who. In order to achieve this Gissit uses some special data storage methods that prevents data being taken even if the server is attacked by criminals.

Many websites use Google Analytics to provide a method to track who is using the site and various other useful information. This means your data is monitored by Google. We have chosen not to expose our data to this scrutiny.

When you create a Gissit account we will not even assk for an email address. We just don't want to know it.

We do not even store your username and only know you by your Login ID, just a number


Gissit does not show any advertising for two simple reasons. Firstly, by our very nature, we promote people only seeing what they are looking for and not what advertisers want to sell them. Secondly, most online adverts track users for their own benefit. We respect privacy.

What Do You Want?

Gissit allows you to tell everyone what you are looking for. Fill in a simple form and your request will be put in front of a whole load of people that might have it. They will send a reply so that you can sort out some details.

Find Items

Whatever you are looking for you can save yourself a lot of searching by just filling out a simple form and waiting for others to get back to you.

Find Services

If you are lookng for someone to do some work for you then just post a request on Gissit. We will publish it and you can just sit and wait to get the best offers.

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